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Hurricane Services Inc.
  Main Office
     250 North Water, Suite 200
     Wichita Kansas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: (855)718-8027
  Madison Service Camp
     3613A Y Rd
     Madison Kansas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: (620)437-2661
  Garnett Service Camp
     104 Prairie Plaza Parkway
     Garnett Kansas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: (855)718-8027
Main Website: http://hurricanesi.com/
Hurricane Services is an oil field service company headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, providing cementing, acidizing, fracturing and well servicing to the mid-continent region.

JB Water and Vacuum Service
  Grande Prairie Office
     10302 123 Street
     Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (780) 539-9951
  Millet Office
     Millet Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (780) 387-7479
Main Website: http://www.jbwater.com

Pitbull Energy Services
Main Website: http://www.pitbullenergyservices.com
Pitbull Energy Services provides oilfield water hauling services, vacuum trucks, water truck rentals, track hoe and invert system shale cutting to Western Canada.

Redneck Oilfield Services
  Main Office
      British Columbia, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (250) 787-7148
Main Website: http://www.redneckoilfield.com

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