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Seismic Companies - Land

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Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (CGG)
     1, rue Leon Migaux
     Massy Cedex , France
Main Website: http://www.cgg.com

Datum Exploration
  Main Office
     6939 Farrell Rd. SE
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403-252-1307
Main Website: http://www.datumexploration.com/

Geophysical Applications
Main Website: http://www.gaps.ca

GeoStrata Resources
  Main Office
     9727 Horton Road S.W.
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403 319-0922
Main Website: http://www.geostrata.ca

Grant Geophysical
  Corporate Headquarters
     16850 Park Row
     Houston Texas, United States
     Primary Phone Number: (281)-398-9503
Main Website: http://www.grantgeo.com
International seismic contractor providing specialized land, shallow marine OBC, and transition zone seismic data acquisition and processing services to the petroleum and mining industries worldwide.
Solid State Geophysical

GRISYS Seismic Data Processing Ltd.
Main Website: http://www.grisys.com
Our work is to provide our clients with full 2D and 3D seismic data processing services that are guided by integrity, responsibility, and efficiency at very reasonable cost.

Polaris Explorer
  Main Office
     4550, 35th Street S.E.
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403-531-9739
Main Website: http://www.polarisexplorer.com
Polaris Explorer conducts 2D and 3D recording from sources that include Dynamite, Vibroseis, Marine Airguns and Explorer 860

Profile Seismic
  Main Office
     1-2016 25 Ave NE
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403-291-7000

  North & South America Area
     300 Schlumberger Drive
     Sugar Land Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 281 285 8500
  Europe, C.I.S. & Africa Area
     1 Cour du Triangle
     Cedex , France
     Primary Phone Number: 33 1 4600 3700
  Middle East & Asia Area
     Dubai World Trade Center
     Dubai , United Arab Emirates
     Primary Phone Number: 971 4 306 7777
Main Website: http://www.slb.com
Over 52,000 people of more than 140 nationalities working in 80 countries.

Solid State Geophysical
A subsidiary of Grant Geophysical
  Main Office
     7309 Flint Rd. SE
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403-255-9388

Tesla Exploration
  Head Office
     4500 8A Street NE
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403-216-0999
Main Website: http://www.teslaexploration.com/
Tesla Exploration Ltd., provides a comprehensive range of onshore and offshore geophysical and geological services across the oil, gas, coal, mineral, water and major civil engineering industries.

Trace Energy Services
  Main Office
     3815 - 32nd Street NE
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403-265-1696
  Midland Office
     4500 West Illinois, Suite 118
     Midland Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 432-699-3225
Main Website: http://www.tracenergy.com
Conventional and heliportable, land based 2D and 3D surveys

Veritas DGC
  Veritas DGC
     10300 Town Park Drive
     Houston Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: (832) 351-8300
  Veritas Energy Services
     715 - 5th Avenue S.W., #2200
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (403) 205-6000
Main Website: http://www.veritasdgc.com
Veritas operates up to 12 land and transition zone crews, mostly in North and South America and the Middle East. In addition, Veritas operates six marine vessels, typically in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea and Asia Pacific markets.

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