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Downhole Measurements and Logging

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Baker Atlas
A subsidiary of Baker Hughes
Main Website: http://www.bakerhughes.com/bakeratlas

Baker Hughes
  Corporate Headquarters
     3900 Essex Lane, Suite 1200
     Houston Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 713-439-8600
Main Website: http://www.bakerhughes.com
Baker Hughes is focused on providing drilling, formation evaluation and production technology used within oil and gas wells.
Baker Atlas
Baker Petrolite
Baker Oil Tools
Hughes Christensen
Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids

Canadian Sub-Surface
  Head Office
     Suite 600, 505 8th Avenue SW
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (403) 262-3247
Main Website: http://www.cansub.com

CBG Corporation
  Main Office
     4616 West Howard Lane, Suite 900
     Austin Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 512-491-7541
Main Website: http://cbgcorp.com
CBG Corporation is an engineering and manufacturing company focused on the changing needs of the Petroleum Exploration and Production industries. Since 1992, CBG has been supplying the industry with state-of-the-art logging tools and sensors for Production Logging, Open-Hole Logging, Directional Drilling and MWD.

Main Website: http://www.computalog.com

Guardian Global Technologies
Main Website: http://ggtg.net

     Houston Texas, USA
Main Website: http://www.halliburton.com
One of the world's largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industries.
Westport Technology Center International

Heat Seekers
  Bonnyville Office
     Bonnyville Alberta, Canada
Main Website: http://www.telusplanet.net/public/heatseek

A subsidiary of Baker Hughes
     2001 Rankin Road
     Houston Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 713 625-4200
Main Website: http://www.bakerhughes.com/inteq

New Age Oilfield Services
  Head Office
     7403 36 Street
     Leduc Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 780-986-0155
  Calgary Office Sales & Manufacturing Facility
     1245 - 34 Avenue NE
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403-452-8776
Main Website: http://www.newageoil.ca/
Chemical injection systems, Capillary lines, Electric submersible pump spooling services, Trucking, Picker trucks, Hotshot service, Surface and downhole instrumentation supply and service, Clamp and banding supply and service

Precision Drilling
  Corporate and Canadian Headquarters
     4200, 150-6th Avenue S.W.
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403.716.4500
  U.S. Sales and Operations
     Suite 1700 - 363 North Sam Houston Parkway East
     Houston Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 281.260.5600
  Middle East
     Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
     Primary Phone Number: 971.2.674.7333
  Latin America
     Caracas , Venezuela
     Primary Phone Number: 58.212.959.6211
     Jakarta , Indonesia
     Primary Phone Number: 62.21.7854.6300
Main Website: http://www.precisiondrilling.com
Canada's largest drilling contractor with a well maintained fleet of 15 singles, 95 doubles, 48 light triples, 39 heavy triples, 10 coiled tubing rigs, and two surface hole rigs.
Reppsco Services
Precision Energy Services
CEDA International Corporation

Precision Energy Services
A subsidiary of Precision Drilling
  Canada Office
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403.716.4500
  United States Office
     Houston Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 281.260.5600
  Latin America Office
     Caracas , Venezuela
     Primary Phone Number: 58.212.959.6211
  Middle East Office
     Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
     Primary Phone Number: 971.2.674.7333
  Asia Office
     Jakarta , Indonesia
     Primary Phone Number: 62.21.515.3383
Main Website: http://www.precision-es.com
Drilling, evaluation, production, geophysical and data services.

Ryan Energy Technologies
A subsidiary of Nabors Industries
  Calgary Office
     3000, 500 - 4 Avenue SW
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403.269.5981
  Leduc Office
     7009 45th Street
     Leduc Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 780.980.1425
  Houston Office
     19510 Oil Center Blvd
     Houston Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 281.443.1414
  Lafayette Office
     108 Banks Avenue
     Lafayette Louisiana, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 337.264.1035
  Denver Office
     475 17th St. Suite 1330
     Denver Colorado, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 303.296.2930
Main Website: http://www.nabors.com/ryan

Savanna Energy Services
  Main Office
     1800, 311 - 6th Avenue SW
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (403) 503-9990
Main Website: http://www.savannaenergy.com
Savanna Energy Services operates: Ultraline Services, Great Plains Well Servicing, and Trailblazer Drilling.

Selman & Associates
     10114 Liberator Ln
     Midland Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: (800) 578-1006
  Regional Office
     Rock Springs Wyoming, USA
     Primary Phone Number: (800) 293-7589
  Regional Office
     4833 Saratoga #624
     Corpus Christi Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: (361) 888-7564
Main Website: http://selmanlog.com
Geological Services: Mud Logging, Streaming Well Data, Mudlogging, Digital Well Data, Geological Data Recording, Electronic Data Acquisition, Computerized Gas Monitoring, Computerized Mud Logging, Geological Consulting

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