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  Head Office
Main Website: http://www.gailonline.com

Gammon India
  Main Office
     Primary Phone Number: 91-022-4306761
Main Website: http://www.gammonindia.com
One of the leading construction firms in India.

Garlock Sealing Technologies
Main Website: http://www.garlock-inc.com

Gas Processors Association
Main Website: http://www.gasprocessors.com

Gasco Energy
Main Website: http://www.gascoenergy.com

  Head Office
     Espoo , Finland
     Primary Phone Number: +358 20 4471
Main Website: http://www.gasum.com
Gasum Oy is the importer and seller of natural gas and owns and operates the natural gas transmission system in Finland.

GEM Resource Surveys
  Head Office
     1512 Meridian Road NE
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403-276-2919
Main Website: http://www.gemresource.ab.ca

General Electric
Main Website: http://www.gepower.com

Geo-X Systems
  Corporate Head Office
     500, 440 2nd Avenue S.W.
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (403) 298-5600
  Processing Division
     500, 440 2nd Avenue S.W.
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (403) 298-5600
  ARAM Division - Canada
      7236 - 10th Street N.E.
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (403) 537-2100
  ARAM Division - USA
     2929 Briarpark Drive, Suite 312
     Houston Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: (713) 780-7171
  ARAM Division - China
Main Website: http://www.geo-x.com
Seismic equipment and data processing.

Main Website: http://www.geofields.com

Geological Society
Main Website: http://www.geolsoc.org.uk

Geological Society of America (GSA)
Main Website: http://www.geosociety.org

Geological Survey of Canada
Main Website: http://www.nrcan.gc.ca

Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)
Main Website: http://www.gsf.fi

Geological Survey of Lithuania
Main Website: http://www.lgt.lt

Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)
Main Website: http://www.ngu.no

Geological Survey of South Africa
Main Website: http://www.geoscience.org.za

Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU)
Main Website: http://www.sgu.se

Geomatics Industry Association of Canada (GIAC)
  Main Office
     1460 Merivale Road
     Ottawa Ontario, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (613) 232-8770
Main Website: http://www.giac.ca
GIAC encompasses the entire range of geomatics disciplines. Members include nearly 100 of Canada's geomatics service and technology firms, and approximately 80% of the active exporters in this sector.

Geophysical Applications
Main Website: http://www.gaps.ca

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