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Land Drilling

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    2R Drilling
    Main Website: http://www.2rdrilling.com/

    Abbot Group PLC
      Head Office
         Minto Drive, Altens
         Aberdeen , United Kingdom
         Primary Phone Number: (01224) 299 600
    Main Website: http://www.abbotgroup.com
    Abbot Group's activities are centred around its operating subsidiary, KCA DEUTAG, an international drilling, well engineering and facilities engineering contractor. On 1 October 2001, the Abbot Group acquired DEUTAG and merged it with KCA Drilling. As a result of this acquisition KCA DEUTAG has the ability to offer a full range of production drilling services, both onshore and offshore, on a global basis, together with engineering, rig design and construction services - a package that we believe is virtually unique in the oil drilling contracting industry.
    KCA DEUTAG Drilling Limited

    Akita Drilling
      Head Office
         900, 311 - 6th Ave SW
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 292-7979
      Operations Office
         2302 - 8th Street
         Nisku Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (780) 955-6700
    Main Website: http://www.akita-drilling.com
    Oil and gas drilling contractor with operations throughout Western Canada and the northern territories. Akita employs at full operations approximately 600 people operating 36 drilling rigs in all depth ranges.

    Amerada Hess Corporation
      Corporate Headquarters
         1185 Avenue of the Americas
         New York New York, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 212-997-8500
      Exploration & Production
         One Allen Center, 500 Dallas Street
         Houston Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (713) 609-5000
      Refining & Marketing
         One Hess Plaza
         Woodbridge New Jersey, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (732) 750-6000
    Main Website: http://www.hess.com
    Amerada Hess Corporation is a leading global independent energy company, engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, as well as in refining and in marketing refined petroleum products, natural gas, and electricity.

    Beaver Drilling
      Main Office
         2003 - 76 Avenue
         Edmonton Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (780) 436-6950
    Main Website: http://www.beaverdrilling.com
    Oil and gas drilling contractor operating primarily in the northern parts of Alberta and British Columbia. Beaver Drilling employs approximately 250 people operating 13 drilling rigs and camps at full operations.

    Big 6 Drilling
      Main Office
         7500 San Felipe, Suite 250
         Houston Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 713.783.2300
    Main Website: http://www.big6drilling.com
    Land drilling in Texas and Louisiana.

    Brinkerhoff Drilling
      Main Office
         500, 500 5th Ave SW
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403)261-8668
    Main Website: http://www.brinkerhoff.ca
    Three land drilling rigs in western Canada.

    Caza Drilling
    A subsidiary of Ensign Resource Service Group
      Caza Drilling Rocky Mountain
         Suite 360, 1801 Broadway
         Denver Colorado, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 303-292-1206
      Caza Drilling - California
         7001 Charity Avenue
         Bakersfield California, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 661-589-0111
    Main Website: http://www.cazadrilling.com
    Ensign's US based drilling division.

    Cora Lynn Drilling
      Main Office
         Strathmore Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 934-3645
    Main Website: http://www.coralynn.com
    27 specialized drilling rigs Core drilling and core recovery

    Doyon Drilling, Inc.
    Main Website: http://www.doyondrilling.com
    Doyon Drilling Inc. (DDI) operates on the North Slope of Alaska with five oil and gas drilling rigs specially designed to drill oil wells in northern Alaska conditions. We are a proven leader in drilling technology, environmental awareness, safety and profitability.

    Enhanced Drill Systems
    A subsidiary of Ensign Resource Service Group
      Head Office
         900-400 5 Ave SW
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403-260-5416
      Red Deer Office
         5398 – 39139 Hwy. 2A
         Red Deer Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403-314-1564
    Ensign's underbalanced drilling division.

    Ensign Drilling
    A subsidiary of Ensign Resource Service Group
      Nisku Operations Centre
         2000 5 Ave.
         Nisku Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 780-955-8808
      Fort Nelson Office
          British Columbia, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 250-774-4545
      Grande Prairie Office
          Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 780-532-5810
    All of the 82 rigs in this division are capable of performing horizontal drilling, underbalanced drilling and horizontal re-entry services.

    Ensign Resource Service Group
         900-400 5 Ave SW
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403-262-1361
    Main Website: http://www.ensigngroup.com
    Canada’s second largest land-based drilling contractor and third largest well servicing contractor. Operations in Canada and the US.
    Caza Drilling
    Enhanced Drill Systems
    Chandel Equipment Rentals
    Ensign Drilling
    Oil Drilling & Exploration
    Opsco Energy Industries

    Excalibur Drilling
      Operations Office
         490 Canal Street
         Brooks Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 793-2092
      Contracts Office
         Suite 202, 1040 - 7 Ave S.W.
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 269-2041
    Main Website: http://www.excaliburdrilling.com
    Drilling contractor operating primarily in Alberta and western Saskatchewan.

    Jade Drilling
      Head Office
         1511 - 10 Street
         Nisku Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (780)955-5500
      Sales Office
         700, 706 - 7 Ave SW
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403)261-4042
    Main Website: http://www.jadedrilling.com
    Drilling contractor operating 12 double and 1 single drilling rigs in Western Canada

    KCA DEUTAG Drilling Limited
    A subsidiary of Abbot Group PLC
    Main Website: http://www.kcadeutag.com
    KCA DEUTAG employs over 3,800 people worldwide and has operations in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Caspian Region, North and West Africa and Asia.

    Kinnell Drilling
      Head Office
         530, 1000 - 8th Ave SW
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403-216-5700
    Main Website: http://www.kinnell.com
    Drilling contractor operating six land drilling rigs in western Canada.

    Maersk Contractors
    A subsidiary of A.P. Moller - Maersk Group
    Main Website: http://www.maersk-contractors.com
    Maersk Contractors employs an international staff of more than 5,500 people.

    Nabors Alaska Drilling
    A subsidiary of Nabors Industries
      Anchorage Office
         2525 C Street, Suite 200
         Anchorage Alaska, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (907) 263-6000
    Main Website: http://www.nabors.com/alaska

    Nabors Canada LP
    A subsidiary of Nabors Industries
      Head Office
         Suite 3000, 500 – 4th Avenue S.W.
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 263-6777
      Operations Office
         902 - 20th Avenue
         Nisku Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (780) 955-2381
      Production Services Head Office
         8112 Edgar Industrial Drive
         Red Deer Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 347-3737
      Nabors Drilling - Leduc
         7009 - 45th Street
         Leduc Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (780) 986-0036
      Nabors Swabtech
         Bay 5 & 6, 7421 Edgar Industrial Drive
         Red Deer Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 347-2707
    Main Website: http://www.nabors.com/canada
    Drilling and production services in Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon Territories.

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