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Hydrovac Services

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Badger Daylighting
  Corporate Headquarters
      2820, 715 - 5th Avenue S.W.
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (403) 264-8500
  Eastern Canada Regional Office
     R.R. #3, 126 Brock Road South
     Guelph Ontario, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 888-276-0546
  Western Canada Regional Office
     6740 - 65th Avenue
     Red Deer Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 800-465-4273
  United States Headquarters
     Suite E, 1300 East U.S. Highway 136
     Pittsboro Indiana, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 888-726-9146
Main Website: http://www.badgerinc.com

  Main Office
     Bentley Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403-748-2110
Main Website: http://www.hydrodig.com
Hydrovac, steam cleaning, vacuum service, and high pressure washing.

Pitbull Energy Services
Main Website: http://www.pitbullenergyservices.com
Pitbull Energy Services provides oilfield water hauling services, vacuum trucks, water truck rentals, track hoe and invert system shale cutting to Western Canada.

Redneck Oilfield Services
  Main Office
      British Columbia, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (250) 787-7148
Main Website: http://www.redneckoilfield.com

Summit Pipeline Services
  Ontario Office
     Site 13-1, 46 Cooper Rd.
     Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 807-939-1100
  Québec Office
     3980, boul. Leman
     Laval Quebec, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 450-661-5509
  US Office
     Unit 209, 300 West River Parkway
     Minneapolis Minnesota, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 800-804-6055
Main Website: http://www.summitpipeline.com
Maintenance, rehabilitation and installation of piping and facilities.

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