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Oil and Gas Company Directory

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    Occidental Petroleum Company
    Main Website: http://www.oxy.com

    Ocean Rig ASA
    Main Website: http://www.caspenergy.com

    Main Website: http://www.ocean-rig.com

    Main Website: http://www.odfjelldrilling.com

    Offshore Contractors Association (OCA)
      Head Office
         58 Queens Road
         Aberdeen , UK
         Primary Phone Number: 00 44 1224 326070
    Main Website: http://www.oca-online.co.uk

    Offshore Design Engineering Ltd
    Main Website: http://www.ode-ltd.co.uk

    Offshore Operators Committee
    Main Website: http://www.offshoreoperators.com

    Offshore Rubber Fenders Inc.
    Main Website: http://www.rotafender.com

    Main Website: http://www.offshoreworker.org.uk

    Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP)
    Main Website: http://www.oogeep.org

    Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India
    Main Website: http://www.ongcindia.com

    Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF)
    Main Website: http://www.ocimf.com

    Oil Drilling & Exploration
    A subsidiary of Ensign Resource Service Group
      Corporate Office
          Level 1, 5 Elizabeth Street
         Sydney , Australia
         Primary Phone Number: 61 2 9223 3755
      Operations Head Office
          15 - 17 Westport Road, Elizabeth West
         Adelaide , Australia
         Primary Phone Number: 61 8 8255 3011
    Main Website: http://www.ode.com.au
    ODE is Ensign's International Division, and maintains operations in Australia, South America, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and New Zealand.

    Oil States Industries
    Main Website: http://www.oilstates.com

    Main Website: http://www.oiltube.com

    Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors
      Main Office
         13905 Twin Ridge Road
         Edmond Oklahoma, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 405.721.7222
    Main Website: http://www.osls.org

    Olympic Seismic
    A subsidiary of Seitel
      Main Office
         1900 Canada Place - 407 - 2nd Street S.W.
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403-515-2800
    Main Website: http://www.olysei.com

    Omni Flow Computers
    Main Website: http://www.omniflow.com

    Omsco Industries
    Main Website: http://www.omscoind.com

    Oneoffshore, Inc.
    Main Website: http://www.oneoffshore.com

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