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    Main Website: http://www.macenergy.com

    Machine Support, Inc.
    Main Website: http://www.machinesupport.com

    Machinefabriek EMCÉ
      Netherlands Office
         Voorhout , Netherlands
         Primary Phone Number: +31-252-214080
      Belgium Office
         Wommelgem (Antw.) , Belgium
         Primary Phone Number: +32 (3) 3551000
    Main Website: http://www.emce.nl
    Manufacturer of winches and hoists.

    Maersk Contractors
    A subsidiary of A.P. Moller - Maersk Group
    Main Website: http://www.maersk-contractors.com
    Maersk Contractors employs an international staff of more than 5,500 people.

    Maersk Logistics International
    A subsidiary of A.P. Moller - Maersk Group
         4, Kalkbraenderihavnsgade
         Copenhagen , Denmark
    Main Website: http://www.maersk-logistics.com
    Maersk Logistics operates in more than 70 countries and employs over 4,500 people.

    Maersk Oil
    A subsidiary of A.P. Moller - Maersk Group
      Mærsk Olie og Gas AS
         Copenhagen  , Denmark
         Primary Phone Number: 45 33 63 40 00
    Main Website: http://www.sales.maerskoil.com

    Maersk Supply Service
    A subsidiary of A.P. Moller - Maersk Group
      Head Office
         50 Esplanaden
         Copenhagen , Denmark
    Main Website: http://www.maersksupplyservice.com
    A fleet of more than 50 Offshore Support Vessels of different types.

    Maersk Tankers
    A subsidiary of A.P. Moller - Maersk Group
      Main Office
         Copenhagen , Denmark
         Primary Phone Number: +45 3363 3363
      Tokyo Office
         Tokyo , Japan
         Primary Phone Number: +81 3 5213 2452
      New York Office
          405 Lexington Avenue - 39th Floor
         New York New York, USA
         Primary Phone Number: +1 212 599 1188
      Singapore Office
          6 Battery Road, #26-03
         Primary Phone Number: +65 65 34 37 55
      Moscow Office
         Moscow , Russia
         Primary Phone Number: +7 095 788 7303
    Main Website: http://www.maersktankers.com
    One of the largest, most modern and most diversified independent fleets in the world.

    Magellan Midstream Partners
    Main Website: http://www.magellanlp.com

    Magnetrol International
    Main Website: http://www.magnetrol.com

    Manatee, Inc.
    Main Website: http://www.manateeusa.com

    Marathon Oil Corporation
    Main Website: http://www.marathon.com/

    Maridive And Oil Services
    Main Website: http://www.mosalex.com

    Marine Spill Response Corporation
    Main Website: http://www.msrc.org

    Marine Structure Consultants B.v.
    Main Website: http://www.mscoffshore.nl

    Maritime Drilling Schools
    Main Website: http://www.mdslimited.ca

    Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline
    Main Website: http://www.mnpp.com

    Main Website: http://www.maritrans.com

    Main Website: http://www.masorg.com/index.php
    Oil & Gas Drilling & Workover Completion services, Well Data Administration, Seismic Survey & Drilling, Mapping, Plant & Facilities Maintenance, Navigation & logging Services.

    Mass Technology Corporation
    Main Website: http://www.masstechnology.net

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